Exosome Technology

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) including exosomes, microvesicles and apoptotic bodies are nanoscale spherical vesicles which are released when the multivesicular bodies (MVBs) fuse with the cell plasma membrane. Consequently, they bud and are shed into the extracellular space and bodily fluids. The exosomes are increasingly important in cell biology because of their role in the cell-cell communication and transfer of cellular materials such as miRNA, lncRNA, mRNA, proteins and DNA. This mechanism implies that the exosomes underlie some illnesses such as cancer, neurological, cardiovascular and rheumatologic diseases.

Different cell types grown in vitro constantly and constitutively secrete exosomes into the culture media. Therefore, the conditioned culture medium of cells serves as the very food for exosome manufacturing. Noteworthy, many biopharmaceutical companies are already producing the exosomes during the cell culture processes, but these exosomes are discarded as a waste by-product. Exosomes can be applied in different translational paradigms comprising diagnostics, therapeutics and research. However, a major challenge in exosome translation into practice is the ability to develop a scalable manufacturing process for clinical and research purposes. The next step would be a scalable and robust purification technique to process the conditioned media. Production and scale up of EVs is currently limited by a lack of validated, reproducible and good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliant manufacturing processes. The current standard method to produce the exosomes entails culturing EV producing cells on plastic flasks and EV purification using ultracentrifugation which are inefficient processes and lack scalability.


Competitive Advantage

EriVan Bio takes advantage of proprietary technologies and in-house know-how as well as an innovation-driven highly skilled R&D team to excel in the development and efficient production of novel quality products with the lowest operational costs and requirements in its laboratory facility. Know-how and technical expertise remain the most critical assets of EriVan Bio. These assets come from extensive technology development and R&D projects. EriVan Bio is applying for patent protection and licensing agreements regarding its technologies.


Mission Statement

Leading manufacturer of exosome-based health products

EriVan Bio produces and markets quality research tools and health products based on exosome technology. EriVan Bio grows its business and company by investing in highly qualifies human resources, technology development and unparalleled service provision to its customers.