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Bovine Milk Exosomes

Our bovine milk exosomes are isolated from fresh, unprocessed cow milk.  For more details, see the products page.


Cell Line Exosomes

Featured by our HEK 293 exosomes; they are isolated  from conditioned medium in a bioreactor, and purified  to meet research and clinical uses. For more details, see the products page.


Stem Cell Exosomes

Featured by our Mesenchymal Stem Cell exosomes; they are produced by adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. For more details, see the products page.

EriVan Bio Exosomes

EriVan Bio offers exosomes for research purposes and the biopharmaceutical industry.  We offer several types of exosomes dispatched in different supply scales to meet research and manufacturing needs while quality is our top priority.  Simply contact us and let us know what your needs are.

EriVan Bio is a spin-off company of  Dr. Thomas Schmittgen’s laboratory that has been engaged in miRNA and exosome research for many years with a focus on cancer therapeutics and drug discovery and development.  During this time, it was important for us to produce exosomes of the highest quality and scalable quantity.  For our customers, our experience and efficient laboratory methods allow us to provide them with high grade exosomes at affordable prices.

EriVan Bio began operations based on Dr. Schmittgen’s research focuses on noncoding RNAs, extracellular vesicles and cancer, with emphasis on the use of microRNAs as therapeutic or diagnostic agents after winning the 2018 University of Florida Big Idea Competition by the lab.  We are currently at the Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator in Alachua, Florida, which serves as a global center for biotechnology.


Let us help you

Please let us know how we might be able to support you with any specialized exosome needs.  We would be happy to assist you.